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The ultimate challenge… scale our selection of climbing walls to get the best views in the entire Gravity park. Choose your favourite wall or try them all, beat your personal best times, challenge your crew or just enjoy the thrill of the extreme heights – it’s all here for your enjoyment.

Then rappel down and go again!

The Jump Gravity team are here to keep you safe and ensure that all you get is the thrill of climbing our custom designed walls. Plus, it’s a fantastic workout for those looking to build their upper body strength.



If you like heights, speed and the thrill of jumping out of windows, then you are going to love The Zlide. An extreme zip line from our mezzanine level across the super zone of the Gravity park. Just lean forward and you’ll go speeding through the air and get one of the best highs in the whole park.

The Jump Gravity team are here to keep you safe and ensure that all you get is the thrill of zipping above our awesome park. Then let go and splash into the sickest foam pit in town!



Team up and keep focused because our Dodge ‘Em court will keep you on your toes and sometimes your bum! The aim of the game is simple don’t get hit and keep your team on top. Duck, dive, jump, twist, fly, teleport… just don’t get hit!

This high-energy team sport has everything – strategy, speed, unpredictable twists and the chance to walk away as the ultimate champions. Join a league, create your own corporate teams or just get a high-energy workout and have a ton of fun!

The Jump Gravity team are here to keep you safe and ensure that all you get is new friends and new victories.



What do you get when you cross a trampoline park and a basketball court – the most fun you can have on two legs. Get ultimate air on our Slam Dunk trampolines throughout the Gravity park, and make that basket your only target.

Add some freestyle while you score big and enjoy the freedom and height that our trampolines bring to this awesome game. Jump, dunk, repeat and repeat and repeat some more…

The Jump Gravity team are here to keep you safe and ensure that all you get is NBA worthy street cred and hoops for days!



Are you a novice, a trick master or a fitness junkie – it doesn’t really matter who you are, we have a trampoline experience that will get your spirits and muscle lifted!

With so much to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice at the flagship Gravity park at Bedford. Flip, flop, hop and trot…  if it doesn’t bend the rules and keeps everyone safe, we love seeing people soaring through the air. From the smallest jumper to the trickster that makes everyone green with envy, we cater for everyone!

The Jump Gravity team are here to keep you safe and ensure that all you get is a jumping good time.



Superheroes run in terror at the sight of The Super Wall but we know you can tame this beast… The law of gravity simply disappears as you redefine the concepts of up and down, shifting from vertical to horizontal in seconds! Bust your best moves, challenge the masters and perfect your tricks on our awesome super trampoline and super wall.

See our graffiti mural from every possible angle as you earn your spot in our hall of fame – a place reserved for the legends who show others that physics is always more fun when you’re breaking the rules!

The Jump Gravity team are here to keep you safe and ensure that all you get is the best show ever!



Not here to jump, not here to climb, not here to have a rocking good time – then what are you here for? We get that your Dad and Mom might not be keen on busting a move on the many awesome options our park has to offer, so we created a special place just for them.

Ascend the stairs and arrive at the Sky Café – a place to chat, grab a delicious coffee, charge your phone, smash some emails, catch the game or just hide from the crowds of legends below.

Our café staff will make sure you have just as good a time as everyone else and let’s be honest – you have the best seats in the house with views across most of the park.



Forget everything you’ve seen before – this special addition to the Gravity park may not look challenging from the outside but we dare you to get in… Chains, swings, nets, holes, climbs, jumps, drops and everything in between!

If you want a workout, aspire to become a ninja warrior or just want to push your limits then the Ninja Course is for you. Become faster, more flexible and better equipped than a Hollywood stuntman, as you learn and master the many challenges our Ninja Course will throw at you. All you have to do is get in – go on, we dare you!

The Jump Gravity team are here to keep you safe and ensure that all you get is the stealth and sick skills of a ninja legend.



If you’re anything like us, you’ll be burning more calories than the Springboks during a World Cup Final… So don’t forget to pay a visit to the Snack Down Corner for snacks and refreshments to keep you going.

Slush Puppy, sweets, drinks, chips and more are all on offer. Grab a seat, refuel and then hit the park with renewed energy and determination – legends aren’t made on empty tanks!



Gravity boasts two magnificent party rooms situated in middle of the park. Encased in glass, you get all of the action with none of the distraction as you look on from your own private area. The space can be converted into one massive room for bigger parties and functions.

We have tons of special perks for the person of the day, party packs that will have your guests smiling from ear-to-ear, helpful party hosts and lots more on offer. Our Gravity Hosting team will be happy to help you plan all the finer details of your event, ensuring you can enjoy the compliments as much as you enjoy the party.

So if Thandi is turning ten, Mandy is getting married, Simon is taking that promotion in Singapore or Gugu just wants to have a get-together – we’ve got you covered.

Our Catering preferred supplier is The Bagel Zone, who works alongside you to get the best foodie options for your event.

See their menu here:

Catering Menu The Bagel Zone



At Gravity we love jumpers of all ages and we’ve built a special section of the park for the little ones. Lots of fun, plenty to do and no anxious parents watching their toddlers jumping in the shadows of giants…

Just behind our reception area the Kids Park is close to everything your little ones may need. Our helpful staff will teach them the basics and develop their trampoline talents while keeping an eye on their safety and happiness.

Sit back and relax in the kids zone viewing area and watch them have the time of their little lives…